Island Hopping around Cebu


Island Hopping around Cebu: Hilungtungan, Nasuluan, Talima and Cabilao Island Marine Sanctuaries

video cebuCabilao Day Trip Video - 1:00 min

We offer island hopping and day trips to several islands in the area. Snorkelers and divers alike will be mesmerized by the marine sancruaries of Hilutungan Island, Nasuluan island, Talima and Cabilao Island. Theese are very successful marine parks with a lot of fish and other colorful marine life.

Even snorkelers will be amazed by the beauty of the coral reef and the amount of fish, even in very shallow water. Scuba divers will appreciate the vibrant display of all kinds of reef fish, since they are used to divers and come very close. U/W photographers will have a field day.

Island Hopping around Cebu is also suited for snorkelers, scuba divers with limited experience and u/w photographers, since the dives are not very deep but very colorful (the San Juan Wreck being an exception).

Our island hopping and day trips are conducted with modernized outrigger boats, called “banca” (water spider), which allows the boat to come very close to shallow reefs and drop-offs.

Island Hopping around Cebu - Weekly Schedule

These are tentative schedules and can be changed depending on weather conditions and customer preferences.


Island Hopping around Cebu - Destinations


Hilutungan Island

hilutungan island - cebu philippines

For a video click here: Island Hopping Cebu - Hilutungan Island


Nasuluan Island

nasuluan island cebu philippines

For a video click here: Island Hopping Cebu - Nasuluan Island



talima cebu philippines

For a video click here: Island Hopping Cebu - Talima, Olango Island


Cabilao Island

cabilao bohol philippines

For a video click here: Island Hopping Cebu - Cabilao Island


San Juan Wreck

san juan wreck cebu philippines

For a video click here: Island Hopping Cebu - San Juan Wreck, Liloan


Island Hopping - What To Bring

Depending on what type of trip you are going and what it includes depends on what you need to bring. Judge each island hopping trip differently and check what is suggested but as a fairly good guide don't forget these obvious things:

  • Your certification card or papers
  • Your medical certificate
  • Your pre paid voucher or confirmation if you pre paid for the trip
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Protective clothing from sun, wind and cold
  • Protective t-shirt or lycra shirt whilst snorkelling
  • Snacks and lunch packs
  • Only small amount of money
  • Any equipment that you own and want to use
  • Cameras and video equipment


Dive Safaris Philippines

Cruise with us through the “epicenter” of marine biodiversity on earth, the Visayan Archipelago. The islands of Negros, Bohol and Cebu belong to the coral triangle home to more than 12.000 species of fish. Join us for a great dive adventure and prepared for great diving, good visibility, colorful corals, schools of fish, large predators, and tiny critters.

Within 6 days you will see the best dive spots the region has to offer, including Dauin, Apo Island, Siquijor Island, Balicasag Island, Panglao Island, Sumilon Island, Sunken Island and Pescador Island. Even a trip to the Kawasan Waterfalls set in the jungle of Matutinao Nature Park in Cebu is included, with an additional option to visit the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

For the latest updates as they become available please like our dive safari facebook page.

Click here and here for more info on dive safaris



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