Travel to and in the Philippines

To access our location there are really two means to enter the Philippines, via Manila Airport, or via Cebu International. There are certainly more flight options for Manila, and that may dictate your choice, however if you have the option to fly into Cebu we highly recommend that option. The airport is smaller, has better facilities, and better staff, the domestic terminal is just a few hundred meters walk from the international, it is a very easy airport to navigate.

Manila on the other hand has several terminals, some are quite dated, the terminals are further apart and it is necessary to use shuttle services, or taxis, traffic surrounding the terminal can also cause delays. It is still manageable, but if you have to do it, better to do so properly informed. If you land in Manila you will need to catch a connecting flight to Cebu.

Once in Cebu life gets much easier, you now have a few options on how to get to us.

For Seven Seas Dive Center, you can arrange a transfer with us, or a taxi at the airport. You will find two kinds of Taxi, airport yellow cars (more expensive), or standard white taxis. Whichever you choose the journey should be around 20 minutes to Plantation Bay.

For Savedra or Cebu Fun Divers, you can arrange a car or van through us, or a taxi at the airport. We highly recommend using our transfers, we cannot offer any guarantees to the condition of the car or driver if using a taxi. If you do use a taxi you will have to negotiate a fair, this will vary, we hear fares from 1500 to 4000 PHP. A third option is the bus, you will still need a taxi to the southern bus terminal, on the meter this will be in the neighborhood of 200 PHP. Once there AC buses are around 100 PHP, AC around 120 PHP. Expect crowds and noise, watch your valuables, the journey time is approximately 3 hours, have 10 PHP ready and the taxi driver can drop you right next to the bus. Once in Moalboal negotiate a tricycle to bring you to the dive center. Note Savedra Dive Center and Saavedra baranguy are around 3 KM apart and should not be confused.