PADI Course Materials

You have several choices as to what type of study materials to use for your course, it is important to select the one that suits you and your lifestyle best, as the choice will dramatically effect your experience, and how much you take away from the the training.

Available formats

Firstly do you wish to start studying today? If so you will need to select from one of the two digital options E-Learning or Touch. As soon as we receive your course deposit, we can issue you an access code to obtain those immediately.

If you prefer to wait until you arrive a third option becomes available, the traditional paperback manual. Some people prefer this option simply because they are not comfortable with learning from a screen.

Time constraints

Another factor that will influence your decision, how much time do you have in the Philippines, and how much of that do you wish to give to the course. As part of all course and material types, it is necessary to view the course videos, approximately 5 hours worth in total. These are embedded in the E-learning and Touch products, meaning you can view them before your vacation starts, leaving time for the fun stuff when you are here. If you select the Paperback book option you will need to view these during your time with us.

Also embedding in the E-learning and Touch products are the course exams, with the paperback book option they will need to be sat on location during your stay.


Compatibility is the final consideration. E-learning is designed for use on desktop or laptop devices, it will not resize for Tab or Phone. E-learning requires a constant internet connection, fast enough to watch embedded video, for the entire time you wish to use it.

Touch is designed to be downloaded once onto a device, after that it can be used for the most part off-line, it will require an occasional internet connection to upload your quiz and exam answers.

In summary we feel the best learning experience comes from E-learning and Touch, they are not available for all courses, where they are, we suggest you will have a far superior learning experience by selecting this option.

PADI Touch

PADI E-learning